About me

Things have really changed in this day and age! Born in the sixties and raised by both parents that were loving & caring, strict but also encouraging... fostered me to become the empathic woman that I am today. I feel so blessed to have had an upbringing that was geared toward holistic success, by establishing the basics for living rooted in stimulating the mind, body, & spirit...with this confidence I've been able to navigate my sails successfully in life! Now as a college professor, I've keenly observed how some students enter my classroom without fundamental knowledge as it relates to building their inner-core, self-respect, relationships & understanding the significance of having a strong code of conduct guided by a moral compass. So, I feel compelled to teach with an emphasis on "daily living" and my approach is REAL, RAW and UNCUT! Having a Ph.D. in Social Work gives me the theoretical frame of reference needed to provide the advice and insight that I give. I hope you find this site informative as well as entertaining as I aim to keep the blogs interesting. And if ever you need some guidance, encouragement or advice...please consider contacting me to be your Inner-Spirit Life Coach. I can truly help you redirect your life and turn things around!   ~Doc Mel

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