About me

Things have really changed in this day and age! Born in the sixties and raised by loving and caring parents that were strict but also encouraging, fostered Doc Mel's empathetic nature. Her upbringing was rooted in stimulating the mind, body, & spirit. This gave her confidence to navigate her sails successfully in all aspects of her life! As a college professor she observed students entering her class without fundamental knowledge as it related to building the inner-core, self-respect, relationships & understanding the significance of having a code of conduct guided by a moral compass. So, she felt compelled to teach with an emphasis on "daily living" and her engaging approach was oftentimes considered raw & uncut! With her students encouragement she began to expand her reach beyond the classroom, creating a podcast "Actuality Talk!" and the talk show "Doc Mel Talks!" Having a Ph.D. in Social Work gives her the theoretical frame of reference needed to provide the advice and insight that she gives. Doc Mel's guidance and encouragement as a life coach heals, restores and creates paths that are new.


Hope you find this site informative as well as entertaining as I aim to keep the blog interesting. And if ever you need some guidance, encouragement or advice...please consider contacting me to be your Inner-Spirit Life Coach. I can truly help you redirect your life and turn things around!   ~Doc Mel

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