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New BOOK release!


Sistahs, this is a Call-to-Action!

   This very short and to the point “pocket-book” provides a straight from the heart guide to address some lifestyle and behavior challenges we face. Many of our choices as African-American women have severed our community!

   Our community is in crisis as our moral and core values have begun to drift. We must stop and take note that the time for change is now! We should examine ourselves and seek to be dutiful in implementing personal strategies that can assist with rising above the condition of dysfunction we may find ourselves in.

   Please share these “Seven Principles” with all of the Sistahs that you know. This is a perfect read over happy hour, while enjoying time & wine with girlfriends, at book club meetings, with young adult daughters and nieces… It is my hope that this little manual will fall into the hands of Sistahs that could truly benefit from reading it. The goal is for each one of us, to reach one of us. The “trickle-down effect” could be momentous and ultimately impact the depths of our community to evoke change for the better!


~Doc Mel is a Relationship & Lifestyle “Encourager” and an “Inner-Spirit” Life Coach...Author of the provocative “little pocket-sized book” for African-American women, “KISSKeep ISimple Sistah!” Now available online at Amazon Books. It outlines “Seven Principles” women can adopt as they relate to each other, children, and men. It’s REAL, RAW, and UNCUT! 

Book available in paperback (click BUY NOW link) or download at Amazon Books (CLICK link below):


Sneak peak...

The Seven Principles
Principle 1 - As long as you have breath in your body, you can change!
Principle 2 - First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE…then comes the BABY in the Baby Carriage.
Principle 3 - The grass is greener on the other side, REALLY?
Principle 4 - If he doesn’t want you without a baby, he DAMN sure doesn’t want you with one.
Principle 5 - If it doesn’t come out in the wash, it will certainly come out in the rinse.
Principle 6 - Being the Side Chick is a weak excuse to get Dick.
Principle 7 - A Sistah that doesn’t STAND for something will FALL for anything.



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