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Go Somewhere & Sit Down!

Can you believe it is already the month of May? The time of year that spring is in full swing…when flowers emerge and crops begin to sprout. It welcomes the beginning of summer, while many are engaged in countless outdoor festivities enjoying the nice breezy weather it brings. It is a time to optimistically look forward to the bright and productive months ahead.

However, during this month with the ending of the school year and planning for summer, along with graduations, weddings, Mother’s Day and the like, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed. So I say to you in the words of Big Mama, you may need to take a moment and just “Go Somewhere & Sit Down!” She may have said it more explicitly back in the day, but it’s amazing how the wisdom of our fore parents even as cut and dry as it was, seemed to be so right on point all the time. In a society where we are constantly moving and time is never still, we have been forced to conform to a lifestyle of being in continual motion. We are made to feel guilty if our children are not persistently, frequently, routinely, or repeatedly, doing something. We are on-the-go all of the time. Our evenings are filled with tutoring, lessons, games and practices, while our weekends are consumed with ripping and running to no end. And to all of this I say again, “go somewhere and sit down!” For this month, let’s try to carve out some moments weekly where we can do just that. During this sitting time, we can catch up on reading that book or magazine we’ve been putting off, or even catch up on all those television episodes we’ve recorded but haven’t had time to watch, or we can just spend the time doing whatever it is we choose to do for ourselves, but the key is to be by ourselves in that moment. We could even decide to have our entire family in on this “experiment” (as an act for the purpose of discovering the efficacy of something previously untried) and instruct our children to “go find something constructive to do in their room.” Better yet, we should go to our own rooms for a change and just shut the door!

The benefits of this old-school saying are many. You begin to slow down and as old folks would say, “can hear yourself think.” How often do you really just sit down and think (about your life, your dreams, your aspirations, or how to handle situations or issues you may be facing, or even how to say what needs to be said to someone about something, or how to strategize and come up with well thought out solutions? When you actually sit down you have the benefit of being stationary…you can be still. That’s right, just being still in the moment can recharge you and give you a second wind. No matter what’s going on around you, remember you can always take the time to just SIT DOWN. It brings a sense of calm and serenity to any situation. So my friends on occasion, “Go Somewhere & Sit Down”!

Doc Mel ;-)

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