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Upward~Onward~ Forward

It’s a new year and a good time to reflect. Reflect on how this year will be different from last. As they say, leaving the past in the past. Start out the year with a brand new family motto…“Upward, Onward & Forward.” Share this motto with others and let it be your new charge for this year. Having this saying to refer to when this year’s challenges come (and they will come), can be comforting.

As a mother, I often refer to my children when I begin to think of ways to instill life lessons using an approach that they can relate to and understand. A motto is easy to remember, but it is the meaning behind the words that makes it worth truly understanding.

Upward is simple….when you’ve been knocked down, talked about, lied to, cheated on, and start feeling down, overwhelmed, conquered, crushed, unhappy, sad, heartbroken, miserable, set-back, or used (the list can go on and on), you “must” find the strength to get up and out of that state. Plunge upward from momentary thoughts of negativity and lunge upward by refusing to stay in those states of despair. No matter what life brings your way, you “must” be able to get up and rise again, always looking upward so you can then move onward.

Onward, meaning “to keep it moving” by refusing to remain in a state of no progression. Being stagnate is draining and damaging. Nothing remains still. Growth and change are a part of life. Make a conscious effort this year to move onward in every aspect of your life. Be sure you’re working “towards” something, in your relationships, in your career, spiritually, and as you seek mental stimulation. The concept of onward in this case, should be a natural progression that occurs daily so that you never feel stuck in a rut or bound by boring routines. Think of onward as your evolution.

And finally, as you progress you can look Forward, forward to a bright and blessed future and forward to the mystical unknown that God has in store for you. The future holds unlocked treasures awaiting your arrival and for only you to claim. So claim your treasures & have the best year ever!

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