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Fertility Cultivates Agility

The month of May is the high-tide of many families’ seasons…with the celebration of Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings and the like. May brings about the closing of spring and the anticipation of summer. And at this point almost half way through 2015, things should be ripening in our lives….and going good for us.

It has been my observation that “springtime fertility cultivates summer agility” as I experience the seasons in life. This is not to say that winter and autumn aren’t equally important seasons. It’s just that springtime and summer seem to be of critical importance. Producing while we are fertile (the springtime of our lives) prepares us for the summer season of our lives; the season when we are expected to relax and truly unwind as we grow old in age heading toward our autumn years. Being productive in our springtime, allows for an agile summer season where we can then look forward to a sense of fulfillment and security. Our productivity should result in fruitful and bountiful increases. If we are not seeing an increase in our daily lives, it may be a sign that we are not being productive.

Without a doubt, the most important area to be productive in relates to our family. Period, point-blank, that’s the bottom-line! The seasons in our family go by, as milestones approach quickly and transitions become inevitable. When we invest in our family during its most fertile season, the return on this investment can be so plentiful that there is no end to the increase. A home-life that is in order can only benefit one’s work-life. When productivity at work is more of a priority than productivity at home, many times our families suffer. Often spouses and children get the short end of the stick as we race after growing our businesses or increases in positions and salaries; and this can leave a deep void within the one’s we love the most that long for our time, attention, affection, and the like.

Producing with your family means spending as much quality time together as you possibly can. Producing with your spouse means making him/her your priority as demonstrated by pleasing them in every way. Producing with your children means “showing up” to support all of their activities at all times. Acknowledge when you fall short and make-up for it! Don’t be the one to look back and wonder how things could have turned out differently. The seasons in your family will go by so fast. The key is to make the most out of your fertile time together. If we focus on fertility in our personal lives, the agility may very well surprise us!

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