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What's Your VIBE?

“But if we have the energy of compassion and loving kindness in us, the people around us will be influenced by our way of being and living.” Thich Nhat Hanh

This beautiful quote has swayed me greatly! Makes me stop and ponder what type of energy I possess to the people around me…I truly believe that the energy we possess within ourselves is the energy that is outwardly expressed. Not so much in our words, but very often in our actions.

Reflecting on this quote makes me self-assess a couple of things such as; Do I do things truly out of love, or do I often do things in an obligatory way or having an agenda or maybe even an ulterior motive? Do I show compassion and loving kindness with sincerity? Realizing that people are greatly influenced by our way of just being and how we live our daily lives, makes me want to contemplate how I can exude an energy that accurately represents the glow I actually feel on the inside. I’d like for my daily steps to reflect that I do take charge of every new day with enthusiasm. As a result, sulking and moping around (with no rhyme or reason), having no agenda for the day…and being consumed with a boring day-to-day routine full of basically nothing, will not be the energy displayed to the people around me. To be a positive influence by my way of being and living is my goal as I become more conscious of what energy people feel and ultimately see from me.

Let’s step back and examine carefully the energy we give off daily into the universe. Our vibe has a huge impact on our spouses/partners, children and grandchildren, nieces/nephews, friends, co-workers and the like; keeping in mind that oftentimes they are observing. People treat us based on the energy they get from us and the energy we radiate. Is our tone loving and caring? Do we show genuine concern for others? How do we treat the people that are closest to us? Do our actions extend beyond words to maybe a physical touch, or kiss or even an extended hug (with that back rub)? Just saying….what an influence this could have!

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