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10 Qualities of Your Inner Spirit

This is so good! Elyse Santilli is a writer and life coach at, where I copied this insightful piece word-for-word to share. ~Doc Mel :-)

You are not your body. You have a body, which houses your soul. You are not your thoughts, worries or fears. You can control your thoughts or observe them as they come and go, which shows that you are something separate to and greater than them.

You are not your titles or roles, like mother, son, employee, writer or friend. They are simply your social masks which you need to wear from time to time.

So then, what are you? You are the deeper essence beneath all of these transient parts of you. You are your soul -- your inner spirit.

Here are 10 qualities of your inner spirit which you may not be aware of:

1. You are energy. At a very fundamental level, everything we see as solid is made up of energy particles, including you.

2. You are divine. There is something pretty magical about the Universe, right? The stars, planets, ocean, rainbows and trees. Well, you are made of the same basic energy particles. So in effect, you are stardust!

3. You are perfect. The Universe created you exactly as you are. So many dots had to connect for you to arrive on earth as your own unique combination of passions, gifts and quirks. So you are exactly as you are supposed to be. You are perfectly you.

4. You are eternal. Your energy existed before you were here in this physical body, and your energy will continue to exist after you have finished experiencing life in this physical body.

5. You are love. When you are born, you are a bundle-of-bliss, loving everyone and everything around you. However, you may have lost touch with your natural state of love because of social conditioning -- you may have been brought up to distrust, judge and exclude people.

6. You are ever-expanding. The Universe is constantly expanding and as a piece of the Universe, you are also naturally inclined to expand -- to want more, to give birth to new desires and dreams, to seek personal growth and a better life.

7. You are powerful. Life is a creative process and you can shape your future with your thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and actions today. If you knew how powerful you really were, you wouldn't think twice about going after what you really want.

8. You are safe. Your ego can get battered and bruised by other people doing or saying hurtful things and is constantly worried about life not going as planned, but your spirit knows it can't be harmed and everything happens for your highest good.

9. You are connected. You experience loneliness because you feel cut off from the Universe and other people. But in reality you are connected to everything -- we are not separate entities, we are all 'pieces' of the one Universe, like a giant puzzle.

10. You are guided. You may have seen glimpses of divine timing, synchronicity, signs and miracles in your life already. There is an ever-present energy world, a life force, a field of infinite potentiality, a Divine Spirit, a Universe, that is strangely accommodating of your every desire, if you know how to flow with it.

Couldn't have said this any better... Doc Mel :-)

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