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Character Matters!

The way we think, feel and behave matters. Thoughts become actions and actions become habits and these habits shape our character. Strong personal character starts with having a strong foundation built on core values. Make no mistake about it…How we are perceived is usually based on how we conduct ourselves!

If we show good judgment – integrity – trustworthiness – wisdom – self-control – loyalty – honesty – responsibility and other essential values, then people will be able to see us for who we are; and they will never have to question who we are. Our character is a composite of how we live our daily lives, and even more so,when people aren’t looking!

Character truly does matter the most. What do you think people say about you, when you are NOT in the room? Your reputation will go places YOU will never go! So, one should carry themselves accordingly.

At the end of the day…the deeds that you have done, how you treat others, your intentions, and the convictions that you stand by demonstrate your true character. Everything else matters very little… fame, fortune, social status, and life’s successes can come and go; but who you are at the core of your being, that should always remain constant. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics when evaluating our lives. To “act right” is a basic, but it is also a choice.

Ohhhh, what would the world be like…if people would just DO RIGHT! Have you checked your character lately? ~Doc Mel

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