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Bountiful Seasons

Things should be ripening in our lives… and going good for us! Producing while we are fertile, which is our “springtime”… prepares us for our “summer” season. Which is when we can expect to relax and truly unwind, while preparing for our “autumn” years of life. Having a productive “springtime” allows for a fruitful “summer”… where we can then look forward to a future of fulfillment and security. Make no mistake about it, real productivity results in bounty. If we are not seeing an increase in our daily lives, it may be a sign that we are not being productive! Do a self-inventory…

Start with one of the most important areas to be productive in…Family-Life! Family seasons go by so fast, as milestones approach quickly and transitions become inevitable. Investing in our families during the most fertile seasons, can yield an endless increase in earnings! Earnings of respect, admiration, good fortune, and genuine love from our family members…

Often when producing at work is more of a priority than being productive at home, our families suffer. Spouses and children can get the short end of the stick. And if we aren’t careful, chasing our dreams can leave a deep void within the one’s we love the most; as they long for our time, attention, affection, and the like.

So here’s some advice:

  • Produce with your family. Spend as much quality time together as you possibly can.

  • Produce with your spouse. Make him/her a priority. Work to please them in every way.

  • Produce with your children. “Show-up” to support all of their activities at all times.

Always acknowledge when you fall short and make-up for it! Don’t be the one to look back and wonder how things could have turned out differently. Believe me; the seasons in life will go by so fast. As series of transitions, seasons teach us lessons about ourselves, others and circumstances. Make the upmost of them! ~Doc Mel

Author of KISSKeep It Simple Sistah! Available for download online at Amazon Books.

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