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Wanna Know What LOVE IS…

Ask people “What is love?” and no two answers would probably be alike. That’s cause love is as unique as you are as a person. It’s an emotion that only you can define for yourself…only you can express for yourself…and only you can give on behalf of yourself. But if you question whether the person you are with really loves you, you may wanna consider what love is NOT, to truly understand what love is supposed to be!

Love is NOT:

Jealous- because of trust there’s no need for jealousy

Envious- because what’s’ mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, you’re in it together so there’s no need to be envious of what the other person has

Condescending- because you both build each other up

Manipulative- because there’s no need to orchestrate things, your love is organic and will grow naturally

Abusive- because you would never hurt anyone you love, ever

In a hurry- because you both understand that there is no need to rush things, what’s real will unfold in a timely enough manner

Overpowering- because there’s balance in how each person carries out their love towards one another, no one person ever feels overwhelmed or burdened

Controlling- because you understand the benefits of having a mate that is free to be themselves and free to find their way while on their journey of life

Selfish- because the act of giving is so frequent and unapologetic

Unfaithful- because fidelity is the cornerstone of true love, you simple just don’t wanna be with nobody else…. ~Doc Mel

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