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Turkey Day Challenge!

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here…where did the year go? As we reflect on the things we are thankful for, let’s be mindful of those in need. It’s easy to give to people we don’t know, but how willing are we to give to the people that we DO know?

Sometimes the people closest to us are unwilling to ask for help, perhaps pride or even shame gets in the way. So this Thanksgiving I have a challenge for you! Assess your circle of family and friends. Maybe you know someone that’s unemployed or has health issues that have racked up costly medical bills this year. Perhaps there’s someone feeling discouraged in your circle, that lost a loved one recently or went through a divorce. There may be someone you know that’s struggling with addiction or that may even be in recovery, that could use a “Secret-Santa” to brighten up his or her holiday season.

The challenge is… If you can, create a “secret-plan” to really help someone out this holiday season. Thinking of God’s goodness should make your soul cry out! It makes me wanna SHOUT…~Doc Mel

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