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Matters Of The Heart!

“Your heart is the most sacred place in the universe. You deserve the most supreme, kind, gentle, illuminating love and most trust worthy guardians of this holy embodiment of you. You deserve to be held in truth. With hands that want to continue to sculpt you and help carry you into a better you. Do not let another moment pass where you aren’t receiving this respect. This love. This is your home. Your precious treasure. Your life force. Don’t just let anyone in. Only let those who come in your highest reverence and honor enter your divine temple. Take care of you. You are luminous.” These words borrowed from "Holistic Healers" are so profound.

When it comes to matters of the heart sometimes we forget what’s most important. And how a person treats you and makes you feel is so very important. For those who have experienced a broken heart, relating to these words should be encouraging as a friendly reminder of what brokenness doesn’t feel like. Matters of the heart are critically important! Because when your heart feels right, it frees you up emotionally. You can then go out in the world and truly conquer all aspects of your existence and being.

A troubled heart can lead to all kinds of foolishness that is ultimately counterproductive. When your heart is riddled with insecurity, mixed emotions, uncertainty and a lack of trust it can often manifest into feelings of anxiety. And relationships rarely survive or thrive under this kind of strain. These feelings can cut deep resulting in love that is not kind, gentle, supreme, or illuminating. Now take a moment and think about any hearts you may have broken. No one deserves a broken heart. As you proceed in life take heed in understanding the magnitude of matters concerning the heart! ~Doc Mel


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