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All talk... NO ACTION!

“All talk and no action” has become quite the norm! Have you ever encountered people with BIG dreams but realize that they lack the necessary skills to make those dreams a reality? Or better yet, have you met that person that expects you to make their dreams a reality or may even expect you to finance their ideas? It can be very frustrating to know these types of people. Here’s what you can tell them:

  • How you carry yourself, your attitude and how you interact with others can have a great impact on your dreams becoming a reality.

  • Strive to maintain professional etiquette and ethical behavior at all never know who is watching.

  • Competence and skill is expected.

  • Quality and efficiency is required.

  • Put in the work, by finding out everything there is to know about what relates to "your dream.”

  • Knowledge as well as actual experience, preparation, practice and repetition, which leads to a work ethic that is consistent, is a must.

  • Don’t take shortcuts and don’t "half-ass" do things.

As a life coach you try to push people to go above and beyond what they can see for themselves, but you can only push so far. Especially, if people limit their own potential by refusing to take the necessary steps to reach their "life-summit!" The goal is for everyone to reach their full potential and to ultimately fulfill their dreams…but some are delusional about what is required or simply do not have what it takes (in the current state that they are in) to make this happen. Realize your shortcomings and do something about it. Put in the necessary work and STOP expecting other people to make your dreams a reality! ~ Doc Mel

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