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Sunshine after the RAIN...

In the wake of the most tragic flood in the history of Baton Rouge, that has swept away the livelihoods of many people… know that the pain, uncertainty, displacement, and fear you may be feeling right now will be replaced with restorative grace. Yes, even after all of that horrendous rain…rest assured in knowing that the sun will indeed rise again in your lives!

Bearing this cross of having to endure the pain of losing many (if not all) of your belongings is incomprehensible. Others can empathize with your suffering, but they can’t truly relate to that kind of pain if they have not gone through it. Be strong and always remember that there will be sunshine after the rain. So, don’t confuse your current situation with your destination! Just because it may be stormy in your life right now, doesn’t mean the forecast won’t change. Trust me it will, better days are ahead.

You need to speak with authority and conviction these words “HELLO SUNSHINE” and believe without any doubt that it is coming. A new day will dawn and as you look far into the horizon of your future "behind this ugly terrible mask of misfortune, lies a beautiful soothing countenance of prosperity." As my grandma would say, “trouble don’t last always!” Keep the faith and hold on… ~Doc Mel

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