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Victim or Victor? Power of Awareness…

There is so much power in awareness! As a social worker one of the most exciting moments is to witness a person that has been struggling, finally become carefree. To be able to fight back against the things you wrestle with is epic. When under attack you must fight back! But often people don’t seek the guidance and support of a lifecoach like myself, to help them. When stressed and under pressure, it’s a lifecoach that can help bring out the innate power that we all possess to ultimately become victorious in this life.

To be a victor you must align your thoughts and your being towards creating acts out of love. It’s really as simple as that! Love must be the driving force for all that you do on a daily basis. Victors are authentic, accepting, accountable for their own actions and genuinely help others to co-create love…keeping their life-cycle ever flowing with good energy and positivity. These people are not stagnant and they seek continual growth and self-improvement to better themselves regularly. The opposite of being a victor in life is being a victim. Having a victim mentality can result in a lifetime of suffering and pain. Victims are very reactive, hot-headed, volatile and explosive because they are led by fear! Having such a short fuse affects every aspect of their lives, but they don’t see that. These types of people tend to be very unstable. They find themselves in and out of relationships, living from pillar to post, jumping from job to job, as well as in and out of trouble. Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions in life, they blame others for everything. They want to be rewarded for doing nothing in life. And you dare not question them. They are jealous of other people’s success, overly critical by nature and find fault in everything, all while building an interior wall for protection around their feelings and emotions. Since they are guided through life by fear, instead of love, they are very controlling, spiteful and vindictive….and this is all fueled by their need to make others feel as bad as they really feel on the inside.

Now that you are aware of the differences between these types of people, the question is “how do you view yourself?” In the larger context of co-existing in this world, which type of person best describes you? Being made aware of these characteristics can help us all shift from having a victim mentality to a victor mentality. We have the power to control the outcome of our lives! We can make choices rooted in love and not fear! We have the ability to rewrite our narrative in life! This is so powerful, because if we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see, we can change our whole outlook and this will change our future outcomes. Wow, that’s the power of being aware…it can change your entire life! ~Doc Mel

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