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If not YOU, then WHO?

Heard the phrase “to whom much is given, much is expected!” You may look at yourself and think that you don’t have "much" to give, so people shouldn’t expect much from you. But I’m here to tell you that we ALL have something that we can give. Just figure out what it is and channel your energy in making the most of it, so that you can do good to and for others. What you must realize is that much is expected from you because society needs you, today more than ever! Make a commitment every single day to do some good….and execute an act of kindness daily. Exert energy that will move and flow to create a current of goodness and kind-heartedness throughout your day. Then, watch and see how your actions will manifest and unfold in ways that produce positive shifts in the lives of every person that you touch. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Connect with people that are least likely to feel connected…spark up a conversation with a stranger that appears to be needy…ask how they are doing, speak words of encouragement or offer resources that may be helpful

  • Randomly purchase a person’s items at a store, while in the check-out line surprise the person in front of you or behind you by offering to pay for their items

  • Unexpectedly surprise co-workers with lunch or even homemade treats, just as a way to show them that you appreciate the camaraderie

  • Compliment people and tell them how nice they look

  • Assist someone that hasn’t asked for assistance, offer to help people

  • Make a person feel comfortable in a setting where they may look uncomfortable

  • Be inclusive by including people that may otherwise be excluded from something

  • Seek out those that are isolated & lonely and be friendly

  • Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor

There are so many ways you can give and touch a person’s life, be creative….the point is to GIVE of yourself! We need to create a movement of giving. Too many people are hurting, lonely, desolate, scared, insecure, angry, friendless, without family support, homeless, addicted, struggling, or are just in a funk and in need of an act of kindness and compassion…as a society we should be empathetic and concerned. So I’m asking…If not YOU, then WHO? ~Doc Mel

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