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There are many different seasons people go through in life and no two are ever alike. Seasons in nature have a timetable, but seasons within human lives are not as structured…as these timetables vary and when these seasons initiate or even expire can be unknown. As with nature, we as people must adapt to whatever season we find ourselves in and how we adapt can significantly impact the quality of our life thereafter. If you find yourself in a challenging season in your life know this, you can recover and be fully restored. It is important, however, to understand that your choices can make all the difference in the world!

You see, recovery by definition is to return to a normal state and it can also be the action or process of regaining or reclaiming possession or control of something that was taken from you. Just think of the many different scenarios where this can apply…from peace of mind, joy, happiness, contentment…to illness, divorce, tragedy, misfortune, heartbreak, loss of a job, imprisonment, and the like. What’s interesting is that often the things we need to recover from are self-induced & self-inflicted…meaning our choices led to the outcome, that we now need to recover from. Essentially, as the old folks would say…“we brought it on ourselves!” With this being said, what we must realize is that we can influence the seasons in our lives based on what we choose. This is good news, because we do have some control!

Of course we can’t control everything that happens, but there are certainly things we can control based on our choices. If we truly reflect on our lives, we just may come to realize that we could’ve handled things very differently and perhaps had different results. PAUSE, STOP and THINK about what I’m saying. Perhaps our children would have grown up to make different choices as adults had we parented differently, perhaps a marriage could’ve turned out better had we addressed things differently or even chosen a different mate from the beginning, perhaps we would’ve finished school had we applied ourselves, had a different career path had we chosen another field or decided to relocate, or perhaps we would not have struggled with addiction had we never experimented with drugs, etc. We have the POWER TO CHOOSE! Think about all the things...every thought, every action…which leads to every circumstance…every situation. This is deep. Bottom line is, “make the best choices you can, if you want to reap the best outcomes in life!” Doing this can greatly impact your seasons for the better. What I’ve come to understand is, some seasons have a reason…our choices created them! ~Doc Mel

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